Verrucae are warts, warts are verrucae and are caused by the same infection. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus HPV, verrucae are probably the most common condition treated in this clinic.

Useful link Pat Turnbull Bsc.M.Ch.S S.R.Ch www.verrucablitz.com - an accredited expert in the treatment of verruccae - reports that there is new evidence that the virus is resident in the skin and mild trauma can trigger its growth.

The foot is the most common site for verrucae to be found. There are 8 varieties of the virus ranging form a single lesion (1) to mosaic or multiple lesions (8)

Highly contagious and stubborn they are not easy to treat. It is wise to get verrucae treated as early as possible. Unfortunately, the common advice to 'leave them alone unless they hurt' only give verrucae a chance to spread, causing more pain, embarrassment and cost.

Differentiating between verrucae and corns can prove difficult. Side pressure can usually identify which is which because of the sharp needle like pain experienced with verrucae.

With children there is little doubt as they do not usually develop corns. Low Level Laser treatments are proving extremely effective as well as painless.
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